July 2020 Newsletter

July 2020 Newsletter


Dear Sector Stakeholder,

We hope that this communication finds you and your families healthy in this challenging time.


The SAMC NPC remain committed to pursuing funding for Phase 2 of the Strategic Sector Business Plan.

There is an opportunity to submit an application based on the new CTCP CIP Guidelines which are still to be finalised. The SAMC Cluster NPC has already prepared an application which is aligned with R-TCFL Masterplan 2030, and intend to submit once alignment to the new guidelines can be finalised.


As communicated in previous news, SAMC has partnered with some of South Africa’s creative design talent through a collaboration with SA Fashion Week (SAFW). While the programme is ultimately designer-led, the focus is to utilise their collections to drive increased value addition of mohair locally, through value chain and market development.

The programme aims to demonstrate commitment to the development of SMME’s, and South African
value chains and to build on local and export opportunities.

This has been based on an interactive partnership with designers to ensure that they are market ready. Pricing strategies have been defined and their brand images refined. Collections will have been finalised by early August 2020 and campaign shoots completed.

Under current pandemic conditions, a physical event is only permissible under lock-down Level 2, SAFW is working towards the roll out of a digital fashion week consisting of pre – and post – event webinars, videos, interviews and social media posts over a 6-month period. This will take the form of a “trans-seasonal” collection showcasing in October 2020.


SAMC and The Fashion Agent are in agreement with and supports SAFW in this plan , and are now working on launching the promotion of all 3 collections and brands. It is SAMC’s intention to execute sufficient market development and sales support in the time between now and the event, and intend to work closely with The Fashion Agent to execute a different take on “prepromotion” in an effort to limit impact on the designer’s businesses during lockdown. While the plans are still in development, the following are being considered:

1. Development of an online portal (website) that will:

– Profile each designer (Lukhanyo Mdingi, Judith Atelier and MmusoMaxwell)
– Showcase collections and encourage order enquiries
– Profile the programme (The Diamond Fibre Collections)
– Explain the South Africa Mohair Cluster and how we are working with various industries to promote mohair (fashion, design, manufacturing)

2. Development of other promotional activities to include but is not limited to

1) Engagements with the media to share the designer’s story,

2) possibly the set-up of a social media page to promote the collections from.

While the current pandemic has impacted greatly on this project, the focus on identifying creative solutions and flexibility in approach to reduce impact on the overarching programme.


As you may be aware – over the last few months, the South Africa Mohair Cluster team has been working on the development of valuable educational content on the technical characteristics, trends and fashion applications of the mohair fibre. These insights are being shared with key tertiary institutions for distribution to their students.

After consulting with reputable experts and sources, a report has been developed that describes the technical characteristics of mohair, the use of mohair in fashion today, as well as the role that the SA mohair industry has taken regarding responsible and sustainable best practice.

Please click here to view the research and trend report.

This report was developed using a technical report commissioned by Professor Lawrance Hunter and Dr Anton Botha that profiles key technical attributes and applications of the mohair fibre.

Please click here to view the technical paper.

The reports have been shared with the following local universities:


SAMC will also be working with MSA to distribute the reports with global institutions.

We are excited to share this content with you, and hope that you will find it both useful and insightful.

With a view to building commitment in the Mohair Sector, together with Mohair SA – SAMC has driven engagements with key industry influencers and innovators to finalise and appoint a Steercom for the Cluster NPC.  We have followed a transparent process, as outlined below:

  1. A General SAMC Meeting in collaboration with Mohair SA, took place on the 13th of February 2020 at Mohair South Africa (MSA), where all attendees were requested to vote for 6 individuals to make up the SAMC Steercom.
  2. The nominations that were submitted on the day consisted of a combination of organisations or companies rather than specific individuals, making it challenging to arrive at a set of participant nominations. A short list was developed through careful  cross examination of all the name specific and organisations / company nominations.
  3. On the 14th of May 2020, a mailer was sent out to explain the above process, and request confirmation votes against the final list of names.
  4. SAMC received a request to profile the potential Participants to assist those asked to vote in making an informed decision. At this time some votes had already been cast.
  5. With the aim of creating an inclusive Steercom, conversations took place with various Sector stakeholders for inputs.
  6. During this time, profiles were developed for each potential participant and were sent out for accuracy and to request whether those individuals were willing or able to participate in the Steercom.
  7. Not all individuals were willing to be involved or able to, due to other commitments, and thus their names were removed from the original voting list. While a few names were added based on conversations that took place (as mentioned in point 5).

The outcome of the aforementioned process, is that the following Participants have accepted a role on the Steercom:

  • Ms Bridget Henderson
  • Mr Pierre Van Der Vyver
  • Ms Beauty Mokgwamme
  • Mr Evert Vermeulen
  • Prof Josephine Musango
  • Mr Isak Staats
  • Ms Jackie May
  • Mr Mark Shires

We are in discussions with 2 other nominees, and we will share an update with you on the outcome of such as soon as we can.

Together with Mohair South Africa, SAMC will drive the establishment of an effective Steercom. We wish to congratulate the new SAMC SteerCom Participants.  We have every confidence that they will play a critical role in supporting SAMC’s continued progress.

We will share another update on our progress soon.