03 September 2018 Newsletter

We haven’t been in touch for a while.  There has been so much happening and we have had our “heads down” and focussed during this time.  We have decided that going forward we will share shorter news updates more regularly. It is important to understand that in our sector currently there are two issues that are presenting strong challenges; these are as follows...

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May 2018 Newsletter

Over the course of the last few months we have been preparing the Strategic Mohair Sector Plan for the next period. It’s a particularly important process as it involves careful review and analysis of the current state of the Mohair sector and then based on the outcome, the development of a plan that we hope will drive the changes that the Mohair Sector...

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December 2017 Newsletter

As the South Africa Mohair Cluster (SAMC) begins wrapping up the year, we can report that we have commenced with industry engagement throughout the value chain with positive engagement, collaboration and response. We have committed and untaken to a sector plan to meet the Milestone by March 2018 which will provide valuable insight into...

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August 2017 Newsletter

As export is SAMC’s key focus areas for increasing mohair value add manufacturing in South Africa, SAMC NPC is targeting the CIFF Trade Show in Copenhagen in January 2018 to internationally launch the selected ranges. SAMC would like to express their appreciation to the current members for their support and participation in this initiative.

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