South Africa Mohair Cluster – WGSN InStock Report: The Coat & Jacket Category

South Africa Mohair Cluster – WGSN InStock Report: The Coat & Jacket Category

Part of our commitment to the Mohair sector includes consistent research and investigation into what trends are taking place globally. This type of research is not only important, its critical if we are to overcome some of the challenges identified while we were developing the Strategic Sector Business Plan.

At times (and in this instance), the insights we prepare – will be more relevant to specific stakeholders in terms of whether they can use the information to inform product development within their own operations – however still serves to educate Sector players in terms of what is taking place in the world relative to Mohair.

For any yarn spinner, textile producer or apparel design house, this research should add value – in that it can be used to develop products that represent global trends – ensuring that our products are relevant and attractive to international markets.

Click here to view the report that has been developed using the WGSN INstock function, and has been developed through analysis of “in-stock” data on some of the world’s leading e-commerce sites. The report not only offers insight into colour palettes, textures, styles, retailers and price points – it also highlights which global regions see a prevalence of mohair coats and jackets. The information is incredibly interesting and we hope you find value in it.