The SAMC’s mandate is to develop an understanding of the challenges facing the Mohair Sector in South Africa and to utilise that understanding to develop our local value chains through competitiveness improvements within participating companies. To achieve this, SAMC will focus on the following supplementary objectives:

The intention is for these efforts to grow economic contribution and employment in South Africa.

The Cluster also collaborates closely with Mohair South Africa (MSA).   Between the two organisations, the focus is on ensuring that each organisation respects its own mandate and that any duplication of efforts is removed.  SAMC and MSA have a Memorandum of Agreement in place that defines the commitment and outlines expectations and areas of cooperation.  To offer clarity on the different roles of the two organisations, we have detailed the MSA mandate below for your reference:

MSA Mandate

MSA’s primary objective is to advance the Mohair industry through support of the promotion of Mohair production within South Africa, and the stimulation of sustainable demand for Mohair globally. To achieve this, MSA will focus on achieving the following supplementary objectives: