While South Africa currently plays a dominant role within the greater global market – the potential for Mohair to make a much more substantial contribution to the country’s GDP is significant. The South Africa Mohair Cluster (SAMC) is responsible for coordinating the efforts of various Mohair Participants with a view to driving improvements within the Sector, relative to the competitiveness of South Africa on a global level.  It is on the described basis that the Cluster looks to support and uplift companies that are best placed to drive the greatest growth impact on the South African Mohair Value Chain. SAMC will work with approved Participants to identify opportunities for improvement that will directly drive positive growth within the Mohair Value Chain within South Africa. SAMC will support such initiatives through advice, expertise and funding provided the required criteria and commitments are met. As a company wishing to participate you will be required to meet the following criteria and expectations:
  1. Must manufacture or are committed to developing products that incorporate mohair.
  2. Submit all the required mandatory documentation (FICA & Conditions Precedent (CP) documents) – outlined in the Applications section of the website.
  3. Understand, commit to and sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that outlines in detail the specific requirements and expectations supporting the collaboration.
  4. Be deemed to possess high potential for growth and scaling within their current position within the greater Value Chain.
  5. Demonstrate a willingness and commitment to participating in the improvements of their own company with a view to driving positive impact on the greater mohair Value Chain as a whole.
  6. Illustrate a willingness to engage with the Cluster to identify, justify and validate improvement projects.
  7. Be prepared to engage with other Participants within the mohair Value Chain to coordinate and collaborate on new opportunities.
  8. Commitment to timeous submission of feedback and performance data, against mutually agreed upon key performance indicators (outlined in the Impact Schedule of the Project Application documentation).
  9. Commitment to the financial contribution of a minimum of 10% by the participant (dependent on amendments to CIP Guidelines, this may increase over the following years) of the total value of improvement projects implemented.
It is imperative that any company wishing to become a Participant and to work within the programmes is able and willing to commit to meeting the above detailed requirements and expectations.